Classical streaming gets a much-needed boost

Could it be true? 

The streaming of classical tuneage is on its way up. After the miserable failures of Pandora, Spotify and other major streaming services to properly curate and deliver classical music in a meaningful and useful way, a Berlin-based service called IDAGIO is changing the game, and is finally available in the US and Canada.  The interface is beautiful, and their roster of participating labels, impressive.  While you’ll have to decide for yourself in the end, there’s plenty of positive buzz, and it’s certainly worth a look.  Let’s start with the company’s pitch, which Musical America sent to their readers today, as part of a marketing partnership:

The pitch

“When it comes to music discovery, IDAGIO is in a class above the rest.”
—  128« Das Magazin der Berliner Philharmoniker

“IDAGIO is fair trade streaming”
—  Andreas Grossbauer, former Chairman of the Vienna Philharmonic

“Absolutely stunning app!”
—  Charlotte Wheatley, App Store Review


Custom-designed for classical music, IDAGIO brings you CD-quality audio (lossless FLAC), exclusive recordings, and playlists curated by world-renowned orchestras and musicians.

Works are organized and displayed in a clear, clean way. Ensembles, soloists, conductors, composers, and instruments all have their own pages to explore. Finding your favorite orchestras and artists has never been so easy.
IDAGIO has the cleanest and most complete artist profiles.
Unlike other streaming services, IDAGIO organizes music also by works. Compare recordings, browse different interpretations, and discover the latest albums.

IDAGIO is available on iPhone, Android, iPad, Mac, Windows, Sonos, Chromecast, or directly via your web browser at

The reviews

The British Thoroughly Good Blog got an advance preview back in February, and the entertaining review is honest (including a list of “Niggles”, aka nitpicks) and very positive.  The verdict?  “Sold.”  Click here to read the full review

ANR (for “Audio News Room”) released a review in September, just after the service was launched in North America. While both of these review applaud the improved sound quality wth IDAGIO, ANR is particularly impressed with the improved and more classical-oriented search offered by the new service, and gives it a general thumbs-up.  Click here to read their review

Other reviews sourced with a quick Google search (and mostly from offshore) echo the same sentiments.  In general, it’s clear that the classical world has been waiting for a better solution for a long, long, time.

The deal

Ready to give it a shot?  The service is a whopping 90% off for the first three months, but that’s undoubtedly a limited offer. If you’d like to try it out, we’d love to hear what you think.  Please weigh in in the comments.

Happy streaming!

No, we’re not getting anything for talking about or linking to this site.  We just thought it was kinda cool.  Please let us know whether or not you agree.  

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