Atoms and stars: Children’s words remind us what arts outreach is all about

LA Master Chorale’s Voices Within program has consistently produced astonishing work from the children they work with.  Creating new music, and often very deep thoughts, over the course of several weeks, the instructors, professional performers and audience members are often just as affected by the results of this collaboration as the children are.  See this Facebook post, shared with permission, by LAMC member and teacher Amy Fogerson:

Every Voices Within residency produces one song guaranteed to make the adults in the audience cry. This residency, the song is about the Universe, and is called “Big Lonely Universe.” The kids take a trip through the moon and planets, then use the bridge and final chorus to reflect on our place in the Universe (we know their lyrics aren’t exactly correct scientifically, but boy are they lovely):

In each of us there are atoms
That were once part of a star
That exploded billions of years ago,
Like a shattering vase.
I feel like I’m being sucked into the future.
It is cool and scary at the same time.
I hope the stars never stop twinkling.

We are all beautiful stars,
Sparkling silver.
Crashing planets.
The universe feels cold.
It looks black and empty,
But life is hidden away.

Note: If you’ve never seen 60 5th-graders sing “We are all beautiful stars” with all their might, well, you haven’t lived.

If you can, catch the culmination concert for this round of classes tomorrow, November 16, at 10am and 11:25am.  Get details and read more about Voices Within on the LAMC website.

Keep up the beautiful work, everyone! We all need it!

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