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An unattributed quote* grabbed my attention on Facebook today:

Musicians don’t just like to play music.  They aren’t just fond of it.  It’s not a passing hobby. Music is an obsession for a musician. It is something that has grabbed a hold of their lives, and won’t let go.

We often hear artists, writers and others say that if they could do anything else, they would.  But while that starts to express what drives an artist to create, this picture of music as necessity, as compulsion and the air that musicians breathe, is so much more apt.

What drives you to continue in your artistic life? Hopefully, you wake up most days and can’t wait to get to work. If not, what’s missing?  Is it in the way your life is now, or connected to how you came to adopt an artistic life? Whatever is at the bottom of your gap, there is truth there, and perhaps a chance to fill it.

*If anyone has a clue where this quote came from, we would be grateful for your help, so it can be properly attributed.  Reminder: show your sources, even on social media!

Many thanks to my nieces, Gwendolyn and Genevieve, for their help as guest editors today.  These brilliant 9-year-olds helped choose our featured image for this post, and for that I am deeply grateful. Thanks, girlies!

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