Yes, you need to know about immigration law

With so many changes in US policy, the arts are particularly affected by conflicts surrounding visas, immigration law and the difficulties that come with a very diverse performing community.  You may have been born here, but some of your most valued colleagues may be having trouble staying and working here.  Want to bring in an international performer for a concert? There are things you need to know.

Luckily, Howlround (an excellent blog for artists of all kinds) has produced a very informative article that can get you started:

Why Artists Should Pay Attention to US Visas Policy and Cultural Exchange

This is a blog you should probably keep an eye on, in general. But even if you think visa policy doesn’t affect your life, read this one article.  You never know when you might need a better understanding of what’s involved.

One of the arts’ greatest champions in this state, California Lawyers for the Arts, is also offering a workshop on this topic in San Diego on May 31st:

Cross Border Legal Issues for Creatives

This topic is likely to be a battleground for some time, so keep your ear to the ground, read a wide variety of knowledgeable sources, and make sure your opinions and social media posts are well-informed and carefully considered.  As artists, we’re all in this together, and need to find ways to work together.

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