New calendar, new day for Next 7

We’re moving!

If you’ve been paying attention at all, you’ve probably seen our new Vocal Events Calendar , serving the astoundingly diverse classical vocal world in Southern California.

Did you know…

  • that you can Submit Events through the handy button at the top of the page?
  • that the new calendar makes it easy for you to draw attention to your event by making it a featured event?

The new calendar platform is a major improvement, and puts loading events in the hands of presenters. It also means we can make some changes in the workload for our administrators, and focus more effectively on the other things that make the List a valuable part of the local landscape.

We’re also moving to Wednesdays!

This scheduling change makes more sense when considering the Thursday-to-Sunday runs often hosted by LA Phil and others. As of next week, starting May 16, the Next7 newsletter will come out late Wednesday night, and will still cover the next seven days: Thursday through Wednesday. This will also allow our readers more lead time, so they can plan the musical weekend of their dreams.

What it means for you

More notice, more chance to plan ahead!
You’ll need to submit events EARLIER! Set up by Monday night so we can approve them and make sure they’re included.
Presenters no longer have to wait for us to get around to posting their events.
Presenters have far more say in how their event listings are set up.
Identify yourself by email when you set up the event, and you’ll be able to edit the information as needed.

Please submit your events asap, and keep us on your mailing list. We look forward to seeing what you have coming up!


Check out the new calendar now

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