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“Three Wishes” — LAURI D GOLDENHERSH’s Weekly Highlights


Every year, the week before Memorial Day is like what I used to call “Jasmine Day”: there are bushes around, and they’re nice. But then there’s the day, every year (coming soon!), when you walk by and you’re hit with such a wall of perfume that it just about knocks you off your feet. It’s glorious, and makes you appreciate the rest of the year, too.

This week’s calendar is so packed that it’s like those bushes: full to bursting. But it does make for some very tough decisions when trying to whittle all of those options down to a simple three. Let’s see how we did — here are just three tempting events in a sea of dozens this week:

The first one’s easy: How about 900 high school students at Walt Disney Concert Hall, singing their hearts out? Take Friday off and go hear the 29th Annual LA Master Chorale Choir Festival. The LAMC Chamber Singers start the event with a concert at 11am, then there’s a break and the kids get started at 1pm. You’ll never forget it, and tickets are free. Get details

Or, perhaps an opera tailor-made for LA (although this isn’t a premiere): what better than a story about a disillusioned screenwriter? The Place Where You Started is a new work by MARK LANZ WEISER and gets three performances at Art Share LA this weekend, starting tonight! Pick Thursday, Friday or Saturday, but get your tickets for this intimate venue in advance if you can. Click here

Finally, don’t miss The Love Potion at LONG BEACH OPERA if you don’t have to. There’s just one more performance on Saturday night, and it’s a rare chance to hear this deeply emotional work. Based on the same Greek tragedy as Wagner’s Tristan and Isolde, Swiss composer FRANK MARTIN gets the job done in far less time, and packs just as much passion into the work. (Operatic efficiency… who knew that was a thing?) Get tickets on LBO’s website, and learn more by clicking here.

We’ll have more for you next week, as there’s more going on this year on Memorial Day weekend than usual… keep an eye on the calendar, and have a beautiful week!

Lauri D. Goldenhersh

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