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Being part of the classical community means staying in touch, so you know who’s doing what, which performances can’t be missed, where the trends are, and even who you’d like to audition for. While the List exists for a lot of these reasons (and thank you for reading us), additional sources will offer perspective that can be invaluable. (In short, we can’t do it all, so we hope you’re reading other things, too!)

One of those sources is definitely Timothy Mangan‘s Pacific Symphony Blog, where he not only highlights what the organization is doing and presenting, but offers the occasional insider viewpoint about why certain choices are made, and what it takes to pull and orchestra together. Hiring Mangan last year was an unusual move for the symph, and a smart one: they got an experienced writer and critic who can not only illuminate their agenda and help the rest of us understand what they’re up to, but a clear voice who really knows classical.

Click the link below and take a look, and be sure to subscribe: just like the Singerpreneur blog (which I’m sure you’re already subscribed to…) you can enter your email address on the right-hand side, and you’ll get a message every time there’s something new on the blog.

Pacific Symphony Blog

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