Up in the sky

Andrew Norman, composer

Opera maverick and nouveau “moon man” Yuval Sharon brings Andrew Norman‘s opera, A Trip to the Moon, to life with the LA Phil this weekend. One project of several that bring Sharon in for very creative collaboration, the Phil is pairing Norman’s new and intriguing dramatic work with one of classical music’s most celestial faves: Holst’s The Planets, in all its otherworldly glory.

The new opera is inspired by the 1902 (!) film by French cinematic pioneer Georges Méliès. The film, in turn, was inspired by Jules Verne‘s classic literary tale, and was the center of an essential plot twist in Martin Scorcese‘s unforgettable (and also book-based) 2011 film, Hugo. All of this reminds us that Los Angeles, Hollywood, and the world’s many arts genres are all inextricably intertwined, and fantastic creations can come of the intermingling.
Sadly, at least a couple of the LA Phil concerts are already sold out. But this would be an excellent to get out your umbrella and your best line-standing boots. It’s worth a shot. (A moon shot, that is.)

Friday and Saturday, March 2 & 3 — 8pm
Walt Disney Concert Hall

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