Three wishes: Oscars, Bugs, Barber, a Soundscape and Compline make for a grand week

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“Three Wishes” — LAURI D GOLDENHERSH’s Weekly Highlights

Happy Oscar weekend!

The days of the little gold guy are upon us, and in deference to one of the Southland’s grandest annual traditions, there aren’t as many concerts going on as usual. But that doesn’t mean you have to stay home. Here are my three wishes for an unforgettable musical weekend:

First, a cartoon confession: Bugs Bunny is still a fave. But while he was the conduit for my first taste of Rossini, the love of The Barber of Seville has remained true, even without the rascally rabbit. Whether or not animation figures in your own operatic experience, OPERA SANTA BARBARA’s Gaudi-inspired production of one of the world’s most beloved shows is too inviting to miss if you can help it. Directed by LA’s own JOSH SHAW and led from the podium by the company’s resident maestro, KOSTIS PROTOPAPAS, this ‘Barber’ is worth a little trek north, and offers performances on Friday and Saturday. Learn more here

Heading in the opposite direction, BACH COLLEGIUM OF SAN DIEGO sings tunes from the Baroque this weekend, with two performances of ‘Soundscape: Musical Architects of the Baroque’ on Friday and Saturday evenings. I’d go just for Domenico Scarlatti’s Stabat Mater, especially sung by an ensemble who can handle it so well. But Monteverdi’s Magnificat a 6 is luscious in its own way… The concerts take place at two different venues, so be sure to check your tix, your directions and anything else that needs checking. (Just trying to be helpful 😉 Click for Friday’s info or Saturday’s info

Finally, there’s nothing like winding down a big weekend (or eschewing red carpet footage for something more grounded) like Compline. This contemplative service comes to ST. JOHN’S EPISCOPAL CATHEDRAL near the USC campus on Sunday evening, and could be just the salve your soul needs. Read more and see if it’s for you — click here

May you all win big this weekend, look fabulous, and find reason to cry, “you like me, you really like me!” Until next week…

Lauri D. Goldenhersh

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