The master and a made-up prodigal

As great as Johann Sebastian Bach was, he is somehow made greater when we make fun of him. So when composer and master wiseacre Peter Schickele made up yet another offspring for the Baroque master more than five decades ago, then built an astonishing oeuvre of well-crafted and remarkably clever satirical works in a wide variety of vocal and instrumental combinations (gasp)… a subculture was born. Some of us have been hooked on PDQ Bach ever since, but we hear rumors of our own twelve-step program, coming any day now…
So in March, when Daddy Bach’s birthday is looming and we’re surrounded by Bach-related events, seeing the other side of our Baroque obsessions is especially enjoyable.

Chorale Bel Canto is serving up just what we need, with a program of “Two Bachs” in Whittier. Are they matching J.S. and P.D.Q. pound-for-pound? Well, maybe not, as the tales of Johann’s imaginary fils tell us he would have been a hefty dude — if he’d actually existed, of course.

Nevertheless, this program sounds like good music + great fun. Tickets are just $25, with discounts available for seniors and students. So go ahead — bring your party hat and get a little silly. (Builds character!)

Chorale Bel Canto presents

Two Bachs: J.S. and P.D.Q.

Saturday, March 17, 2018 – 4pm

First Friends Church
13205 Philadelphia Street, Whittier
Map & Directions


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