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A little thought from Seth Godin’s recent post:

“I’m not selling anything”

Of course you are. You’re selling connection or forward motion. You’re selling a new way of thinking, a better place to work, a chance to make a difference. Or perhaps you’re selling possibility, generosity or sheer hard work…

If you’re not trying to make things better, why are you here?

So sure, you’re selling something….

The idea of selling and persuasion as part of an existence in the arts has long been a strange kind of taboo.  How could we be in sales?  People already want what we do because it’s good, right?

But that kind of thinking must change, and is indeed evolving into a more realistic relationship with the public, within our community, and with our art itself.  There is no shame in framing you and your “wares” in a way that shows them off to the best advantage.  Exhibiting the more tangible advantages of arts consumption (education, brain development, relaxation, fun) is not only essential in a world filled with mindless competition, it’s organic to the process. Being consciously, honestly persuasive and expressing our own excitement about a latest project is sales.  But it’s the best kind of selling, because it can make a difference more than a new crock pot. Embrace the sell.

Then do read the whole post.  Seth’s blogging is regular, quick and always thought-provoking.  Subscribe (free), for a little nudge every day.  He’s a marketing guru with the soul of an artist.  He gets us.

If you want to dive further into your selling self, get your hands on Daniel Pink’s To Sell is Human.  It’s one of the basics we recommend often.

You might also take a look at this post from Ramit Sethi, another marketing guy well worth reading.

Thanks, guys.


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