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We’ve been a little more quiet than usual through the holidays, as we’re working on several projects that will radically update and revitalize the main site at We’ll be back to our usual publication schedule next week, but couldn’t wait to fill you in on one of these big works-in-progress:
We’re working hard on a brand-new calendar interface for the List, and will have the final version up by next week: better visuals, easier entry, and much easier access, so you can submit your events without waiting for an administrator to set them up for you. We’ll even have featured event options available for a small fee, so you can show off your most important projects, even if you’re on a budget.
This week’s Next 7 is a little unusual, as the final stages of setting up this calendar may change individual event links. Rather than creating a whole list of links that will go dead soon, we offer this one link that will get you to the right place, now and for the final version:

(That’s the one to bookmark!)
For now, please continue to send your event information and images to, and we’ll continue to load them for you. We’ll launch the new calendar as soon as possible, and will post instructions and guidelines on the main site, on the blog, and we’ll also send them out by email. No presenter will be left behind.
Get a sneak peek with the screenshot below, and click that image or the link above to visit the fully functional beta version of the calendar. This big upgrade marks a new era for the List, and will make it far easier to promote your events through our community.
Thanks, all, for being a part of our bright future!


But wait, there’s more!

Performing Arts Live logoFor even more calendar listings within and beyond vocal (music theater and dance!, please visit our partner site, Performing Arts Live, run by the very dedicated Mike Napoli. Be sure to get on their mailing list, too!

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