Happy birthday to us!

Wow.  I’ll say it again…


Believe it or not, it’s been fifteen years.  December 10 has stood as the approximate start date of what is now Lauri’s List (as we’re not sure what day it actually started, but this guess is pretty close). So as of today, we have now officially been around for a decade and a half.

So even though Thanksgiving has come and gone, here are a few thoughts:

Thanks to all who have helped along the way.

Thanks to every member who has invested in our success as a community.

Thanks to every organization who has listed their auditions, announcements and events with us.

Thanks to the many composers and presenters who have been a part of unSUNg, schmoozes and our other endeavors.

Thanks to every artist who fights the good fight every day, making something meaningful and beautiful to make the world a better place.

…and thank you to every single person and group who has been a part of our still-growing community over the years, in one way or another. 

It is because of all of you that we get hundreds of thousands of hits each month, that our little family is so engaged and connected, and that we help thousands of singers every year. You are truly the best, and we are truly humbled at your ongoing support.

Next up:  the actual website turns 10 this summer, and we’re planning a party for Sunday, July 8.  

A big all-y’all hug for the holidays!




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