From one of our Listers, a gift of really good writing

A friend who is extremely knowledgable about opera sent me a lovely Christmas gift by email this year, and it is so much appreciated that it’s worth passing along. After a little editing, here’s his introduction:
“I just came upon one of the best blogs that I have ever read. Much pleasure from one of the foremost critics…
I hope it brings you much joy.  It is possible to read all of the early blogs, as it has only been active for about half a year. You can also subscribe to not miss any future entries.
Be sure to catch all of his writings on ‘earlier’ singers. Priceless, and should be REQUIRED for all singers and voice teachers.”
The blog that inspired this note comes from esteemed critic Conrad L. Osborne.  Osborne is a passionate observer of the arts, and has been teacher and performer for many years.  Read his own description of his varied background here.

To read and subscribe, go to:

Happy holidays everyone — wishing you much inspiration, deeply satisfying work and some grand thoughts in 2018!

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