Didja see the new Next 7?

As a holiday present and a nice way to wind up the year, we redesigned our weekly events newsletter, released into the wild on Friday.  Take a look at that issue here.

The header has seven layers of the “Next 7” title in different colors, and the background is a mosaic representing the fantastic array of events and ideas and talents and personalities who make music every week across the Listerhood.  There’s pertinent information at the bottom that tells how to reach us, how to join, how to submit your event information for a future issue, and more.

Looking forward to the coming year, here are a few tips for getting included and more involved with the List:

  1. Add events.la@laurislist.com to your media list (your mailing list for press, bloggers and other outlets who can help you promote your work) — make sure we get your press releases, event information and news.
  2. Consider advertising your project, service or event on our site and in our email newsletters.  See laurislist.com/advertise for more info and examples, and Contact us to reserve your spot or ask questions. Ads start at just twenty bucks!
  3. PLAN AHEAD!  The best way to miss promotional opportunities is to wait until the last minute (or even the last month) to spread the word.  We can help with that, whether it’s reserving space for you or setting up some consulting time.  (And yes, our members get discounts on consulting and other services.)

We have lots of new things coming up in the new year, including new tools on the site, expanded services and a general reorganization.  Need something?  Contact us.  We’d love to hear from you, and we’re happy to help.

Thanks all, and Happy New Year!

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