What do with that extra hour

Good morning! 

It’s 8am.  Have you shown up an hour early for church, with no coffee in sight?  Never fear.  Here are a few things that can help you pass the time in classic fall fashion:

Read something, just for fun:

You might be surprised how many great classics are available online, both in digital and audiobook form.  If you don’t want to pay for a new book at Audible or Kindle, put your library card to work and check out Libby, a great app that allows you to capitalize on what your local word temple has to offer.

Practice one of those languages you sing in:  Opera singers, in particular, tend to pick up bits and pieces of a variety of languages, but don’t often master them.  Whether you’ve been working toward fluency or thinking about starting a new one, download an app like Duolingo or Babbel and try a language or two.  Better yet, dive into a language you’ve never really considered.  You might trip over a new endeavor that can open new doors!

Whisk through a little fall cleaning:  Clean out your car, your briefcase, your purse or whatever needs it.  These stolen moments can help to right months of frantically stuffing things into corners and random pockets.  What will you find?

Listen to seasonal music:  This playlist might be a starting point: What’s the best music to listen to in fall?  Make your own!

Create something:  Write a song, draw a picture, or make up some new words.  You might fold something in origami — there are loads of videos and instructions available online. Whatever you come up with, you’ll walk into that rehearsal with something that didn’t exist before!

Feel better?  Just remember:  That’s a whole hour you might have missed completely if you had just frittered it away at home.  Good for you!

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