The original “fake news” becomes unique opera

Photo by Carl Van Vechten -- public domain
Orson Welles in 1937

Does opera have to be on a stage?  In a hall?  Or, as the iconoclasts at The Industry have proven repeatedly, can it thrive in our urban environment, on the streets and in any space that will open for it?

Director Yuval Sharon. working with LA Phil, is resurrecting the classic Orson Welles radio work, War of the Worlds, by putting air raid sirens to work and creating different ways to experience the classic theater piece that scared the pants off listeners when it originally aired as a Halloween special in 1938.  Based H.G. Wells’ science fiction classic, the alien invasion is told through faux news reports, outlining and illustrating what would happen if extraterrestrials arrived and took over unexpectedly.  In an age when the general public was just starting to think about interplanetary travel, it was terrifying, although the actual scale of the panic has been subject to some discussion. You’ll have to decide if it still has the same effect, but the creativity behind this unusual presentation is fascinating on its own.

There are three siren locations around the city, and the live experience at Walt Disney Concert Hall.  Attending at the siren locations is free, but RSVP is required.  Learn more about setup, concept, logistics and get your tickets/confirmation through The Industry’s website — see below.  Think green, and prepare to make some new alien friends!

Industry War of the Worlds LA Phil 2017
The Industry and LA Phil present

War of the Worlds

Sunday, November 12, 2pm
Saturday, November 18, 12pm
See The Industry’s website for
location information, tickets and logistics:


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