New music gets space in the national spotlight

Big news this week includes the announcement of a centralized place to showcase your upcoming new music events.  New Music USA has announced it will provide Event Pages for the first time, and registered users can advertise their new music events for free, and make that information easily available to an international audience.

SoCal violinist Movses Pogossian’s upcoming concert serves as their excellent example of what one of the new event pages looks like.

Why it matters

While local promotion is essential to getting butts in seats, a broader footprint is very important to the creators of that work, and for specialist performers who are trying to expand their realm of opportunity.  Composers and performers will be able to get their names in front of a much larger audience, and presenters can share their ideas and formats with a host of their colleagues.

To add an event page, you’ll need to register, but no membership is required.  You can, however, donate a little something if you wish. Be sure to add them to your bookmarks, feeds and media list, and do spread the word: it takes a lot to support an effort like this, and the more we do to help them continue this service, the more likely it will be there for us.

Check out the current event pages here

Congrats, and thanks to New Music USA!

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