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As 2017 comes to a close, we’re offering our annual to-do for Black Friday:  starting Thanksgiving evening and extended to midnight on Cyber Monday, we’ll offer very special, never-again-available deals on Lauri’s List memberships, advertising, services, and coaching.  It’s a most excellent time to invest in yourself as an artist, and in your community, and one of those offerings this year is the opportunity to join (or give a year) as an Associate Member — for a measly $12, which is 50% off.  This is the ONE AND ONLY TIME this opportunity will be available, and these memberships also make great gifts for the amateur singers or students in your life.  Whether it’s for you or for someone else, here’s a gaggle of reasons to grab this deal while you can:

#1 — Support the List

This is fairly obvious, of course, but the more members we have (pro or community), the larger our reach.  Join us and help the arts grow stronger!

#2 — Special deals

Associate Members get a weekly e-newsletter that includes updates from the community as well as occasional deals from local organizations.  Find discounted tickets, giveaways and more…

#3 — Event discounts

All members of the List get discounts to our events, whether it’s a Lister Schmooze, a concert to unSUNg, a special event or workshops (which return in 2018!).  This membership will pay for itself in no time.

#4 — Discounted services

Did you know that we offer website, e-news, publicity, consulting and coaching services as well as the features you see online?  Our current members get discounts on it all, and booking just one coaching or a couple of hours of other services will pay for this membership and much more.  Put us to work!

#5 — Special newsletter

How about that e-newsletter we just mentioned?  Connections is a weekly update just for our Associate Members, and it includes new public posts from the blog and the site, event announcements, special notes from the Team, and more. Keep up with what’s going on in SoCal’s classical vocal world, with news delivered right there to your Inbox.

#6 — Our gratitude

Don’t think we forgot — every member is important, and we appreciate you more than you know!

#7 — Increased community connection

If you’re an active volunteer, a fan of classical vocal music, a music student, or a pro who wants to stay involved from afar or while they’re involved with other things, our current members tell us this is a great way to keep one foot in the game.

#8 — Learn more about the business

Being on our insider mailing list and attending events will help you keep an eye on the local landscape. See who’s doing what, meet new people, and watch for trends in local programming. It’s all good.

#9 — Get more involved while you build eligibility

Still gaining experience?  If you’re not eligible for Pro membership yet, this is a good way to get started and let us get to know you.  Come to a gathering or two, keep up with the community, and get those feet wet, faster!

#10 — This face –>

Come on, who can resist that?

#11 — Invest in a resource that helps thousands

The revenue will also help us build and expand programs that benefit artists and small organizations all over Southern California.  It’s an easy way to help us sustain and grow!

#12 — Join the evolution!

One of the basic tenets of our work is that classical music is in an important transitional phase, working toward a vibrant future. Being part of our community means you’re taking an active part in that dynamic change, and investing your faith in an art form that touches billions of lives every year.

So, are ya ready?

Click here to view our Black Friday deals which include

  • Associate Membership — $12 each
  • Pro Membership — Three years for the price of two
    • Basic membership:  $120 (instead of $180)
    • Mem plus one add-on listing, assuming eligibility: $144 (instead of $216)
    • Mem plus both add-on listings, assuming eligibility: $168 (instead of $252)
  • Business & career coaching — Two sessions plus follow-up, just $159 (value up to $270)
  • Banner bundles — Advertise with Lauri’s List, and promote your project(s) on the site and/or in our e-newsletters. Reserve your dates early, but these packages can be used through 2019!
    • Enews ad x 3 = $39  (instead of $60)
    • Banner ads x 4 weeks = $99 (instead of $152)
  • BIG AD BUNDLE — The whole shebang for a fraction:  invest in your upcoming projects and events with some of everything we offer, just $279 for the package:
    • 1 Dedicated email, a message all about you and sent to our whole list
    • 2 weeks with a custom slide on our homepage rotator
    • 3 full-column block ads in our highly targeted, highly engaged newsletters
    • 4 weeks of banner ads in the sidebar of our public or member boards

Did we miss you?  If you’re seeing this after the Black Friday promotion, you’re still very welcome to join us:

Click here to join after November 27, or if you’d rather set up an auto-renewing membership now.

Click here to learn more about our advertising options.

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