Summer reading

Whether you’re vacationing, preparing for the new school year or just getting through the summer heat, this is a very good time of year to bone up on what’s going on in the arts world. Take a look at what you’re reading the rest of the year, too:  does your Feedly list need an update? Perhaps a couple of new things for the Kindle? Are you up for a real book or two?  To help you dip a toe in, here are a few articles from the last week or so (some more controversial than others) that might inspire thought, action or more in the coming season:
Alex Ross, 7/27/17, The New Yorker,The Decline of Opera Queens and the Rise of Gay Opera
Caroline McCormick, 7/28/17, Arts Professional (UK), “Celebrating cultural philanthropists
Anne Midgette, 7/28/17, The Washington Post, “New opera wants the same appeal as television. If only it could be as smart.
Ruth Zamoyta, 7/30/17, HowlRound, “How Arts Service Organizations Can Fill the Void in Arts Journalism”   (we’re trying, we’re trying!)
Gordon Bolar, 7/31/17, The Clyde Fitch Report,What a Tolerant, Arts-Minded Community Looks Like
Jack Crager and Michael Feldman, 7/31/17, Creatiquity,When Artistic Education Matters
Fred Plotkin, 8/1/17, Operavore, “Singular Voices: The Poetical José Carreras
Norman Lebrecht, 8/2/17, Slipped Disc, “Just in: the music stops in Santa Barbara
More soon… we’ll be reviving our weekly “Arts Mash-up” on the blog as of September, and will, as usual, post links on Twitter, Facebook and more.  If you have an article, book or something else you’d like to share with the Listerhood, Contact us.
Happy summer!


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