Quick checklist for summer

As the main season wraps up and we face the (sometimes) less busy summer months, this is a great time to put some effort into your marketing for next season.  Even if you’re “only” responsible for promoting your own career and activities, you’ll be so glad you paid a little attention to your materials and strategy, once the new season rolls around.

Let’s start with a quick self-assessment:  considering what you have coming up (or done) for 2017-18, which marketing tools could use a little TLC?


Looks good / up-to-date

Could use some work


Don’t need it

Business cards
Audio samples
Videos / reel
Social media
Email signature
Mailing lists
Press release template

Don’t want to write on your screen with a Sharpie?  (Probably not a good idea.) Download and print this PDF instead.  Use it as often as you need to!

What’s next

Take your list and make a plan.  See how much you can get done in June.  Then lay out another plan for the summer.  But the time the new season rolls around, you’ll be ready to go, and looking great!

Need a little extra help?  Yes, we do that. Whether it’s building materials, planning or general consulting, contact Lauri to set up an appointment.


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