A cause that could benefit you someday

Being a performer comes with a certain amount of uncertainty for the future, and without independent wealth, extremely careful financial planning and a serious portion of luck, many artists can find themselves needing a leg up.  For union members, the AGMA Relief Fund is a lifeline that can make an enormous difference, and some of our local artists have been grateful beneficiaries of this program in recent years.

This weekend, a special benefit performance takes place Saturday night to boost this fund.  The performers are volunteers from LA’s two AGMA houses: the LA Master Chorale, and LA Opera. The evening is hosted by the husband-and-wife team of Karen Benjamin and Alan Chapman, and features baritone soloist Patrick Blackwell.

Whether or not you can attend the event, and whether or not you’re a union member, please consider contributing to this fund, which is one of the few resources of its kind.

Click here for more info about the AGMA Relief Fund

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