New opera dreams up Disney’s last days

With a chamber opera by Philip Glass focused on entertainment icon Walt Disney, The Perfect American comes to Long Beach this weekend, with a look at the storyteller’s final act. The libretto by Rudy Wurlitzer adapts the 2001 German novel Der König von Amerika, which turned the Disney fable on its big, round ears.  Using a fictional cartoonist as disgruntled former employee, the story is no Disney comedy, but fascinating for its complex characters, quasi-historical revelations, and a parade of virtual cameos by legendary figures:  where else can you see Abraham Lincoln and Andy Warhol on the same stage?  Click here to read more about the cast.

Long Beach Opera offers just two performances of this unique experience: a matinee on March 12, and an evening performance on March 18, both at the Terrace Theater. LBO’s website shows tickets available for both shows at this point — make some room on your calendar if you can.

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This feature originally appeared in Next 7 — Vocal events through 3/17/17

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