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A little heads-up for an event landing at the beginning of what we officially consider next week. But whatever week it falls into, it’s always a good time for early music when the celebrated Tallis Scholars come to town, and this week they’re coming to the unique environs of Christ Cathedral in Garden Grove, formerly known as the Crystal Cathedral.  While they’ll be in the Neutra-designed Arboretum rather than the main sanctuary, this is probably a better space for their clear tones and liquid expression — more intimate, with a less clangy acoustic.  It will be a beautiful and unusual way to experience the master ensemble’s program inspired by the Sistine Chapel, including works by Palestrina, Josquin, and lesser-known artists such as Festa, Allegri and more: combining early and modern, sound and sight, and all the emotions that lie within.

The Tallis Scholars

Friday, March 31, 7:30pm
Christ Cathedral — Arboretum

13280 Chapman Avenue, Garden Grove, CA 92840

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