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As you’ve probably noticed, this blog and our social media feeds have included more political discussion than usual recently, due to the extraordinary times we are currently traversing.  While wearing several hats, Lauri’s List is at its root an arts advocacy organization:  we work for classical artists, for their work, and support both however we can.  In an era where scholarship and creation are both coming under fire from several directions, we must stay aware and get involved, or the art forms we’ve studied and practiced for so long are in gravely serious danger.

The Listerhood is a relatively small part of the world, and we’ve heard from many of our members that they want to do something to raise consciousness about the importance of the arts, and the activism within the arts community.  To this end, we’ve created a simple little way you can show support for the arts in general, with an attempt to unify our collective voice.  When public discussion rages online, hashtags are a way to quickly index and connect related ideas.  When you tweet, post, comment or do anything online related to arts issues and the current political climate, please consider including the following hashtag:


We’ve started with just one post, as a response to the same unifying thought from the LA Dept of Cultural Affairs, yesterday:

We’ll use it wherever we can in upcoming days, and hope you will, too.  Feel free to share the image we’ve created, as well: click here to download, and spread it around at will.  (Thanks to wordclouds.com for their wonderful free tool!)

If you want to wear or carry the logo, go to Cafe Press to buy t-shirts, tote bags, water bottles, etc.   A tiny little portion of your purchases will come back to us — it’s just the fastest way to make things available.

It’s all a way of showing your colors as a member of our community, and encouraging others to band together and do the same.  The world needs to see that all kinds of artists are active, involved, thoughtful… and paying attention.  Raise your voice, and let’s see how far it can carry.

Thank you!

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