11 other thoughts on creative activism

Change is everywhere, and opinions abound.  While we respect the right of every Lister to form their own political opinions, an open mind and a hard look at the impact of the new president and his claque on the arts is essential to our existence as creators, watchdogs and guardians of creative traditions.  We’ve talked about the proposed elimination of the NEA and NEH, and we’re not the only ones raising a battle cry.  Here’s just a sampling of the articles that abound now, and are unlikely to disappear anytime soon:

Fighting for the arts

How to Fight for Arts Funding? Lessons from NYC’s Lean Years — American Theatre, 1/20/17

#ArtfulResistance: Crowdsourcing a Trump-Era Arts Platform — Clyde Fitch Report, 1/20/17

The NEA battle and more

56 State Arts Agencies Face the Death of the NEA — Clyde Fitch Report, 1/23/17

Trump to eliminate NEA? — Barry’s Blog, 1/19/17

Howard Sherman: Donald Trump inauguration revives protest culture in American arts — The Stage, 1/18/17

Other issues for artists

Musicians Terrified Over Possible Obamacare Repeal — Rolling Stone, 1/19/17

Creators get political  (or not)

Speak now:  Our job as composers has changed — NewMusicBox, 1/20/17

“Not a political composer” — Interview with John Adams — Bachtrack, 1/18/17

Leaping into the new future

US music school announces $10M in new scholarships — Slipped Disc, 1/24/17

Random reminders of what we’re fighting for

Turn up volume:  Einstein revisited on Blu-ray, DVD — Classical Voice North America, 1/12/17

Watch: Thomas Hampson sings new version of Schubert’s Ständchen — Slipped Disc, 1/20/17

Please do keep us posted about whatever you’re doing to support continuing arts funding and presentation in the 21st century.  Contact us to get that conversation started.

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