Resolution for all members

In the spirit of fresh starts, we need to draw attention to the way the List works.

We were recently embarrassed with a client, as a job that was specifically brought to us for our members-only board was shared on Facebook, causing confusion and the application of several non-members to a job that should have been reserved for current Listers. Further, one of those applicants not only applied for the gig but offered to staff the gig from her own contacts.  While we believe that both instances occurred as a result of naivete or a simple misunderstanding, sharing closed opportunities and attempts to poach clients are both considered highly unprofessional, as well as unethical. While the Open Calls board is available to the public, sharing jobs from our members-only job board with non-members is, and has always been, outside our rules of conduct, and can be deemed grounds for banning a member or potential candidate from the List.

We’ve reached out to the singers in question, and will clear up any confusion about how the List works, with an invitation to the non-members involved to apply on their own.  But for our members, please remember that you were pre-screened before you joined. You’ve paid a fee in order to have access to these jobs.  Sharing them, even in an attempt to help others, is unfair to your fellow members and outside the wishes and expectations of the clients who bring us jobs.  You are also not authorized to open these gigs to the larger community — especially those brought specifically to our membership.
This is not the first time this has happened in recent months, and any member found to be sharing job leads from the Board may be banned.  Of course no one wants this.  This will not become a witch hunt.  No confessions are required.  But a reminder is in order.
  • Check out the Terms of Service to read about this policy and others in effect — it’s the best first place to start.
  • Please contact us if you have questions about this policy.
  • If you have colleagues you would like to help, please encourage them to apply for full membership.  Approved candidates can join for as little as $8/month.
We all need to protect the community that has been carefully built over 14 years.  Please consider the greater good as you make decisions about how to use the List.

Thank you all, and Happy New Year!

Lauri Sig


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