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There’s a song in there somewhere…
Composers, a challenge:

We need a really big, fun, novelty Thanksgiving song, preferably with a series of verses that can be customized by menu, and an infectious fugue in the middle, built on the words “Gobble”, “Pies” and “Hike!” Shopping-related features are optional.

So, now that you know why I’m not a songwriter, let’s look at the calendar. Here are just a few gorgeous vocal happenings over the next two weeks:

On Saturday night 11/19, JACARANDA combines a US premiere by Peter Knell and the hour-long, microtonal and hypnotic Schnee by Danish composer Hans Abrahamsen to create a program named “Neruda Snow” in Santa Monica. Their already impressive ensemble is joined by mezzo PEABODY SOUTHWELL and violinist VIJAY GUPTA, as well as conductor DONALD CROCKETT and pianists ARON KALLAY and LOUISE THOMAS. This program gets just one performance, so quick, click here

VERDI CHORUS tells tales with “The Great Story Tellers” on Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon, 11/19 and 11/20. Choosing operas based on Shakespeare, Goethe and more, director ANNE MARIE KETCHUM and accompanist LARAINE ANN MADDEN are joined by choir and vocal soloists to sing some of the finest music in the rep.  Get details

The LA PHIL returns to Carroll-ville on Tuesday 11/22, with the co-commissioned world premiere of Gerald Barry’s opera, Alice’s Adventures Under Ground. This Green Umbrella installment is conducted by THOMAS ADÉS and soprano BARBARA HANNIGAN plays the eponymous ingenue, with an additional cast of very talented performers.  Details and tickets

Don’t forget the weekend after the feasting, as Sunday 11/27 has quite a few juicy events to cap off the weekend. For starters, you can bridge one holiday with another by taking the whole family to a Messiah sing-along at the NIXON LIBRARY in Yorba Linda (which probably isn’t as far away as you think). Click here

ST. JAMES IN THE CITY serves up a contemplative Compline service on Sunday night – click here for info

OR, catch songwriting “sopralto” AMY ENGELHARDT in concert, with a solo show called “My Own Devices” at Open Space Theatre on Fairfax. Amy is one of the funniest songstresses you’ll ever see, and one of our most uniquely talented Listers. We rarely get a chance to see her in action like this in LA, and there’s even a little motivational discount for advance tickets! Click here


Thru 11/27, LA OPERA presents Philip Glass’ unique Akhnaten

Feast well, sing with gusto, and as always, thank you for supporting live singing!

Lauri D. Goldenhersh

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