Next gathering — Schmooze with us in Pasadena on 11/14

We need a fall fling!

Schedules are packed, but take a little break with us before the holiday craziness fully settles in.  Join us Monday, November 14, and the wonderful True Food Kitchen in Pasadena (pictured above).  This restaurant chain is rapidly growing a devoted following for their creative, delicious and health-conscious menu that has something for just about everyone:  if you have dietary concerns, take a look at their menu, and you’ll likely find several tempting options.

Learn more about the schmooze and be sure to register in advance –full details are available on the Facebook event page.  We need to be able to make arrangements with the restaurant, prep goodies for you, and be ready for everyone to have a great time.  As much as the RSVP is an alien force in Southern California, this is the type of event where it is essential to our ability to plan a great event.

Attending a schmooze is free for current members (full/pro and community members included), and just $5 for each non-member (payable at the door, in cash, please), to help us defray our event costs.  Need to pay your dues?  You can take care of it at the event, and remember — community memberships are open to all.

Be sure to bring your business cards, flyers and any other materials that can describe and promote your current and upcoming projects.

We look forward to seeing you!

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