Visitors taking over this fall

Nope — not aliens… Guest bloggers!

Things are hopping, and we’ve recruited a little help.  Thanks to several of our Listers who have volunteered to post, opine, tweet and create other content over the next few weeks, you’ll see more bylines than usual on the blog and on the social media pages for Lauri’s List.  You may have seen the first offerings of this intrepid crew, with features this week by Coril Prochnow and Yayra Sanchez. (Thank you, ladies!)

This is hopefully the start of a new trend, as we’d like to get more of you involved on a regular basis. If you write well and have something to contribute, please contact us and let us know what you have in mind.  For example, you can pitch

  • a blog post,
  • an interview,
  • a video,
  • a photo essay,
  • a helpful tip,
  • a review of a book, recording, event or product,
  • or anything else that the Listerhood would enjoy and/or benefit from.

You can also apply to part of our ongoing Community Review Program.  We’ll let you know if a writing sample or other materials will be required for consideration of your project.

Selected submissions will be included at the discretion of our editors, but we’re grateful for contributions from Listers. You’ll retain the rights to your original work, of course, and we’ll promote it across our various platforms.  It’s a good way to put your name out into the world, show the community what you’re all about, and to help support the work of the List.

Send us a message with your idea here

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