Arts Catch-up: News through 10/10/16

What’s going on in the arts world?   Here are a few articles you may have missed in the last week:

Champions of music (and musicians)

Philip Glass: own your work and get paid for it” —, 10/5/16
The maverick composer talks about a basic financial tenet for the artistic life.

How the performing arts can set the stage for more developed brain pathways” — ScienceDaily, 10/5/16
Dance and music training have even stronger effects on the brain than previously understood — but in markedly different ways, say researchers.

About the music

Noon to Midnight at Disney Hall – 1” — Sequenza 21, 10/4/16
Paul Muller reviews a marathon opener for the LA Phil and the their contemporary Green Umbrella series

‘If It Can’t Be Good, Let It Be Short’” — Wall Street Journal, 10/5/16
Are there times when cuts are a good thing in arts performances?

Strikes and controversy

Greedy bosses and musicians on strike – the crisis engulfing classical music ” — The Telegraph, 10/5/16
UK critic Ivan Hewett weighs in on what’s happening to American orchestras.

Fiddling While Venezuela Starves? Boliívar Symphony Opens Carnegie Season” — New York Times, 10/7/16
El Sistema continues to spark controversy, as Gustavo Dudamel kicks things off with an appearance in New York.

Arts People

Facing the Music:  Sholto Kynoch” — The Guardian, 10/3/16
This regular questionnaire feature is usually fun, and this interview gives the targeted pianist multi-faceted dimension.

Transformative Juilliard President Will Step Down After Three Decades” — New York Times, 10/5/16

David Bowie as Muse?  Why One Composer Says So” — New York Times, 10/7/16
Composer Glenn Branca makes no bones about the influence of Bowie’s music over his work, which breaks down plenty of its own boundaries.

Renee Fleming: What’s changed my life?  Supertitles” — Slipped Disc, 10/7/16
In this video, the diva talks audience-focused tech with Toronto Symphony music director Peter Oundjian

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