US composers get a peek at L.A.’s new music scene

Alicia Byer
Alicia Byer

Thanks to LA composer and clarinettist Alicia Byer,  LA’s active new music community got some cyberink this month, with a series of articles on NewMusic Box — the blog for the American Composers Forum. “Whither Los Angeles looks at the growing influence of a few of our local ensembles, the cultural elements that make this an ideal environment for artistic innovation, and LA’s long history of moving and shaking in the classical world, just to start.

Byer is clearly jazzed about not only the amount of activity, but the quality of the music being created and presented here, and didn’t hesitate to name names.  The first of a projected four articles have been published — here are the links:

Thanks to Ms. Byer for her insightful comments, and to ACF for providing the space.  We’ll be watching for more!

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Learn more about the American Composers Forum — LA Chapter  (Yes! You can join as a performer.  Watch for our co-hosted “composer schmoozes”, this year, a project partnered with ACF-LA…)

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