Pairing great music with life’s other good things

In Los Angeles, many of us are transplants, bred elsewhere and bringing good things to create new combinations in Southern California.  This is evident in the rich diversity that thrives here:  we see it in language, fashion, certainly in our food, and yes — in all forms of music and how it is experienced.

Kala Maxym, soprano and founder of Five Senses Tastings

Kala Maxym is herself a newcomer to SoCal, but rapidly becoming an example of what the region’s creativity and entrepreneurial spirit can bring to life.  Through her business, Five Senses Tastings, the soprano creates unique musical experiences for corporate, retail and other events that “pair” music with wine, cheese, chocolate… and we’ll have to see what else they come up with.  Every event is different, created according to the client’s theme, product line or ideas, and it appears that this concept has some serious legs:  in the few months since she came to town, Maxym has already made extensive connections in the local business community.  Early appearances include a recent event at Dianne von Furstenberg‘s store at The Grove, and next week’s “Journey through Europe” special event at V Wine Room in West Hollywood.

By cultivating a deep knowledge of the finer things in life and embracing a broad-ranging musical sensibility that roams from opera to flamenco to standards and more, this innovative diva is building an unusual beachhead in our local landscape, and taking quite a few Listers with her, gathering singers and musicians from the best go-to performers in the area.  You can hear some great tunes, explore fantastic food and wine, and wrap up your senses in an experience that will stay with you.


Next week’s event is actually a good deal for a special evening out: attendees at the small space’s two seatings get five “flights” (half-glasses) of hand-selected, California wines made from grapes native to Spain, Italy, Austria and France, with luscious cheeses and custom treats from EOS Chocolates to boot. You can read more details about this individual program here.  The whole experience, including live music from Maxym, pianist Tali Tadmor, violinist Mary Keating, and guitarist Andrés Vadin, is just 50 bucks.   Not bad for a concert and curated gourmet goodies!  (Sign up now…)

West Hollywood's V Wine Room
West Hollywood’s V Wine Room
A Journey through Europe
(right here in California!)
Tuesday, August 23, 2016
6:30pm or 8:30pm

V Wine Room
903 Westbourne Drive
West Hollywood, CA 90069
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