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As busy entrepreneurial artists know, running an ongoing endeavor can be a grind.  Southern California’s own training ground for opera singers is remedying that reality by taking a year-long hiatus for creative renewal.  This isn’t the first time OperaWorks has done so — there was a similar break in 1999, which garnered good results.

It all begs the question:  are you due for a break, yourself?  We applaud Ann Baltz and the company’s team for smart decisions like this, and hope it will inspire great new programs and more smart decisions by others.  Have a great break, OW!

Press release follows.


The Premier Opera Training Non-Profit Announces Short Intermission to Evolve its Programming

After 30 years, and over 2,000 alumni worldwide, OperaWorks™ will revamp after a brief creative hiatus

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LOS ANGELES – (August 1, 2016) – OperaWorks™, the world-renowned holistic opera training company, is announcing a one year hiatus to regenerate the company’s educational programs and productions. This creative break will allow the time and resources needed to develop new and exciting areas for the company.

Ann Baltz founded OperaWorks™ in 1987 and launched the revolutionary training program which has attracted opera singers around the world. In 1999 the organization took a year hiatus which allowed them to refresh the format and overhaul their now-renowned intensive training programs and productions. Now, this new break will offer another period of reflection to allow the company to identify new opportunities for future generations of singers and teachers of the arts.

As a non-profit organization attracting talent worldwide, the company will explore options to expand their innovative training methods outside of their walls and into conservatories, universities, and Young Artist Programs as outsourced programming. Additional options under consideration include teacher certification programs, training opportunities for pianists and opera coaches, and workshops for composers and writers.

“Over the past 30 years, we have seen markets and perceptions of opera change and we recognize that companies – particularly non-profits – need to evolve as well,” says Ann Baltz, Founding Artistic Director at OperaWorks™. “We look forward to using this hiatus as a time to ensure OperaWorks™ is contributing to performers, teachers, and the arts in a meaningful way.”

OperaWorks’™ is praised across the country for its whole-singer training approach and has inspired other teaching programs to incorporate OperaWorks’ keystones into their curriculums including yoga, career planning, business classes and improvisation. Showcasing the success of these methods, a vast majority of OperaWorks™ alumni are actively contributing to the arts worldwide as members of The Metropolitan Opera, Lyric Opera of Chicago and Covent Garden, among other distinguished companies. Multiple Grammy Award winners are also former OperaWorks™ students.

More information and hiatus FAQs can be found at www.operaworks.org.

About OperaWorks

Since 1987 OperaWorks™ has earned a reputation for innovation and excellence, training over 2,000 alumni. Under the leadership of Ann Baltz, founder and artistic director, the performance training programs have achieved national recognition and distinction. OperaWorks™ is acclaimed for its unconventional programming that offers a holistic approach to performance training, taught in a nurturing environment to develop artistry while building confidence and psychological resilience in performing artists. Hallmarks include three Intensive Programs in Los Angeles, year-round workshops in New York City and Los Angeles, and residencies and master classes taught throughout the United States.

OperaWorks™ alumni have completed individualized, comprehensive training in the musical, dramatic, physical, mental, performance, and business aspects of an operatic career. Graduates have earned singing careers with top companies, professional choruses and renowned productions. They’ve also gone on to become award-winning recording artists, administrators of major opera companies, and teachers in a variety of artistic fields.

OperaWorks™ is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. For more information visit www.operaworks.org.


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