“Keep us posted about what you’re doing…”

This post is aimed primarily at our current full members.  But the rest of you should take note, too…

The title of this post must be one of my most oft-repeated phrases in my emails to our full members.  And as much as it has become ingrained into my fingers, it’s not just form letter boilerplate.  It’s actually sincere.

A very savvy new member candidate asked me the other day what she should do to get started with the List.  I explained the approval and activation process, and then realized that this was a point that needed to be made.  We actually do want to know what you’re all up to, and it helps us get to know what you do, who’s hiring you, and the kind of experience you’re gaining after you’ve joined.

I’m not just being polite.  This is not some weird marketing tactic.  It’s not blind cheerleading.  The reality is that the more we know about you, the more we can help to match you up with private opportunities when they come around.

No assumptions

But what about seniority?  To be honest, how long a member has been with us is not a top concern — we’re more interested in what you can do for our clients, right now. That’s what keeps them bringing jobs and opportunities to our pre-screened members, rather than posting it to Facebook or just asking around. So, rather than remaining staunchly loyal to a few singers who get suggested over and over, we honestly try to help clients connect with a variety of our members when a need arises, and finding the best available fit for their situation and needs is always the most important factor.

This means that if you’re new, let us know how you’re doing as you build connections around town.  If you’ve been with us awhile, it’s even more important to let us know what you’re up to.  There’s just no way to track the diverse activities all of our members effectively, so if you’re one of the few that keeps in touch with us, you’ll likely reap the benefits.

Don’t be shy

So, how to put this advice to work?  We’ve created a handy-dandy template for you below, with tongue firmly in cheek.  But the short answer is, just shoot us a note when you’re doing something of note with notes.  (Yeah, couldn’t resist.)  You can send as many as you like. Confirming that you showed up on time for your church job every Sunday is probably over the top.  (We assume you’re doing that!)  But if you get a new job, start with a new group, have a solo coming up, grab a role you’re excited about, or take a class or training program that makes you more marketable, we’d love to hear about it.  These are just examples.

How to update us

  1. Add Lauri to your mailing list.  (If you don’t have one yet, start it now!)  You should all have her email address by now…
  2. Whenever you’re doing something unusual or that you’re excited about, send an email to Lauri that goes something like this:

highwire_shadowHey, Lauri!  Just wanted to let you know that I’m singing with the Southern California Flying Circus of Awesome Vocalists now — can’t wait for our first concert on Halloween night.  I get to wear a chicken suit and swing sing from a trapeze!

Hope you can make it — here’s a link:


Off to practice…

David Lister*

… or… something like that.  (Circus tricks are not required.)

And then what happens?

Notes about what you send will go into the private notes available to the team, so if someone calls and wants to know about you, we’re up-to-date.  It will also help keep you top-of-mind when those calls come.

You may not get a response to every email, but notes will be made, and we’ll be rooting for you from Lister HQ.  Include a photo or flyer, and you might be featured on the blog, social media and/or in one of our email newsletters.

In short, we really do want to hear from you.  Let the emails begin!

*No, we do not have a member named David Lister.  But that would be really cool, right?

Featured image by Carolin Chan / FreeImages.com
Circus image by Taro Taylor / FreeImages.com

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