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What are you afraid of?

It may very well be what you want most.  Everyone’s afraid of something. The tricky part is getting past the big, scary distance between you and that goal.


Can you picture it?  Do you know what it will take, or at least what your next steps are?  Don’t let fear alone stop you.  Visualize yourself achieving that goal.  Figure out what to do next.  Take a deep breath, and go for it.

“Everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of fear.”
— George Addair

This particular quote comes with a “bonus disclaimer”.  (Lucky you!)
A quote on this blog does not necessarily constitute an endorsement of a larger philosophy, religion or cosmology.  Sometimes we quote because we like that particular idea, or the sentence inspires something the might be useful to our readers.  As savvy readers will learn, George Addair was the founder of a philosophical movement that is still active in Arizona.  This is not an advertisement, and is not provided with any agenda or as part of any collaboration with that or any other organization.  We’ve presented an idea that seems to show potential.  What you do with it at this point is up to you.

Recommended reading

Feel the Fear… and Do It Anyway by Susan Jeffers

It’s not just the dynamic title that has kept up this book’s classic status for nearly thirty years.  Jeffers changed the way people thought about goal-setting, fright and gumption in her groundbreaking book, and it’s still among the most recommended titles in the self-help world.

Available from Amazon for about $12 (Paperback) or $9 (Kindle)

Llist_quote_header_3This is part of a weekly inspirational series on the Singerpreneur blog and social media for Lauri’s List. While quotes are no longer published every week (more like once or twice a month), this is a regular feature that our readers have treasured.  The quotes are also eventually archived on Facebook and Pearltrees.

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