August 21st is your last chance to get unSUNg this year

Our concert series isn’t quite like any other.  

Almost everything we program for unSUNg, our summer concert series now in its fourth season, is highly likely to be new to you.  These are passion projects, selected annually through a carefully curated proposal process.  Those proposals are submitted by people who have a real drive to share this music, and have found something extraordinary in the work.  While smaller-scale chamber music is indeed our focus, we have the audacity to include vocalists in each and every work.  (Feel free to gasp…now.)

It all results in a series where each concert is a pastiche of juicy vocal wonder.  Our last event of this season is coming up on Sunday, August 21 at 4pm in Glendale, CA.  The program is bookended with two works by local composer Paul Gibson, including his well-received Shepherd’s Lot, the setting of three poems by William Blake. The program also includes music by Elliott GoldkindSaunder Choi, Peter Shin (audio auto-starts), Dale Trumbore and Jeremy Jennings.  There are evocative love songs, telling of waiting, longing, of storms, and of a small, crumpled letter that lights a fire (over and over again) in the heart of the recipient.  We’ll feel that love is universal, whether originally expressed in Chinese, Persian or English.  One song will take you on a journey through Los Angeles… if you were afraid of the lights. Others let you experience someone else’s fascination with their cell phone, the questions that bewilder writers, and even a fear of snow.  Here’s a complete, alphabetical list of the wonderful writers and performers who will bring this unforgettable line-up to life:

Jonathan Bautista, conductor
Joseph Cadabes, baritone
Michael Chwe, tenor
Alice Dryden, mezzo-soprano
Melinda Ehrlich, soprano
Harriet Fraser, soprano
Richard Greenwood, tenor
Chris Jones, bass
Charles Lane, tenor
Roger Lebow, cello
Steve Pence, bass-baritone
Melinda Rice, viola
Laura Smith Roethe, mezzo-soprano
Yayra Sanchez, soprano
Laurel Sanders, mezzo-soprano
Holly Sedillos, soprano
Paul Sherman, oboe
Laura Smolik, soprano
Lisa Sylvester, piano
Robert Thies, piano
Dale Trumbore, piano
Amanda Walker, clarinet
David Wilson, tenor

We present classical concerts, but encourage you to wear what you want, have a good time, and bring your newbie friends.  This is a unique experience, and every program is diverse and different from the last.  Every concert is recorded by a pro engineer who knows a lot more about mic tech than we do.  So it’s like you’ve been invited to a live recording session (which makes it not so great for kiddos), where you can see and hear the music that means something special to the people who share it with us. You’ll watch art in the making, hear premieres and reinvigorations, and perhaps find your own new favorite.

How can you resist?  Advance tickets are available online at a discount.  All tickets at the door are $18 each.  Come for the music, and to support truly fascinating work by so many Southern California artists.  Stay for a light reception, so you can meet the performers and make a few connections of your own.


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