Doldrums are a time to grow

You’ve probably heard “don’t waste the summer”, or something like it, from teachers and others during your life.  While musicians don’t exactly get a summer vacation, it does tend to be a season of difference, with more time to read, take a class, start a new habit, or learn a new role or skill.  Now is the time to clear your head and gear up for the new season (which isn’t  all that far away).

So you have about two months until Labor Day.  Here are a few suggestions for expanding your skills before the “big season grind” kicks in:

hhms-1-300x163Conductor Lesley Leighton has announced that she’s opening a teaching studio in Pasadena, making H&H Music Studio a place where musicians can work on their conducting skills, create demo recordings, prep for auditions and quite a bit more.  Learn more about how this woman’s remarkable combination of skillsets can work for you by visiting the studio’s webpage.

2016-07-09_Peter_Mark_banner_croppedStarting this weekend, Peter Mark’s “From the Conductor’s Perspective” masterclasses run through mid-September, and culminate in a group recital and professional panel.  Signing up for the masterclasses is as low as $40, and auditors are welcome — get all the details at

And of course, we have our own workshops from Lauri’s List, with the first-ever one-day intensive of our publicity workshop, PRep!, coming on July 30.  We’ll have full details on that in a separate post.  But to learn more about the programs we offer, go to

We can also share a secret:  Watch for news of the return of the L.A. Women Singers Retreat at the end of August, a special weekend of mixed workshops for artists of all kinds who have reached the midpoint of their careers (think 40 and up), and are looking to lay out a new path.  We’re partnering with retreat creator Caroline McKenzie to build an experience you won’t want to miss.  Watch this space…

Further down the road:

CCILogoWatch for CCI‘s workshops, returning in September:  they’re planning a branding workshop on September 17, and their popular time management workshop on October 5.  This is an organization you’ll want to watch — be sure to get on their mailing list, particularly so you can catch the next Business of Art series.  This low-cost 8-week series of workshops is an essential bootcamp experience for all kinds of artists.  Can’t show up?  It’s also available in book form.  They even have some scholarship grants available as part of their Quick Grant program, to help cover workshop fees and other professional development.

Note about the Training Board on the site:  this week we’ll be wrapping the training opps space into the Open Calls Board, creating one central area for all public listings, announcements and special items.  Keep an eye on that space for new announcements of opportunities and deals!

So what will you say to, “what did you do this summer?”


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