Summer schedule coming up

rule_of_thumb_send_earlyCan you feel the heat?  It’s nicely overcast today, but summer is definitely here. That means that our Next 7 schedule will go to approximately every other week through Labor Day, so here are your submission deadlines for sending us info on your vocal-related events:

  • This week’s issue, June 17 to 23, will go out as usual.
  • For events June 24 to July 7, send info by 6/21.
  • For events July 8 to 21, send info by 7/5.
  • For events July 22 to Aug 4, send info by 7/19.
  • For events Aug 5 to 18, send info by 8/2.
  • For events Aug 19 to Sept 8, send info by 8/16.  (three weeks, to include Labor Day)
  • For events Sept 9 to 15, send info by 9/6.

We’ll return to our weekly schedule with the Sept 9-15 issue. 

In the meantime, we may publish short updates as needed.  But bear in mind that updates are not sent out as a service to any one presenter, so be sure to plan ahead.

Even on our regular schedule, we recommend that event information come to us at least three weeks in advance.  Send us your press releases, flyers, or whatever you have available, just as soon as it’s ready, and we’ll load it asap.

Thanks, all — we look forward to seeing what you’re up to!


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