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New release for The Industry’s recording label

They’ve taken the art of opera to heights never before conceived, shaken us up and explored new opera with fearlessness.  Now The Industry is releasing recordings of some of the intriguing works they’ve helped bring to fruition, making them available to a wider audience and saving them for years to come.
The latest release from The Industry Records is Lewis Pesacov and Elizabeth Cline‘s The Edge of Forever, performed by cutting-edge music mavens wildUp and conducted by their fearless leader, Christopher Rountree.  The recording is available for pre-order in retro-hip LP form (limited edition) or as a digital download, and the company is hosting a release party tonight in Downtown LA.  The bash is free, but seating is first come, first served. Be there, or… (you know how it goes).
The Industry Records presents
The Edge of Forever
a record release party and concert
Fri June 24, 7pm
356 S Mission Rd
Los Angeles, CA 90033
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