A “pill” you can hear

We talk about the benefits of laughter.  We certainly talk about all of the things music can do for us.  But this sums it up:  the right dosage, at the right time, can change a day or a week.  Diligent practice can change our brains, our habits, and even our relationships.  Whatever you’re dealing with, keep the music going.  It’s better than popping a Flintstones, any day.

“Music is the medicine of the mind.”
— John A. Logan

Musicophilia: Tales of Music and the Brain

by Oliver Sacks

This groundbreaking book was deemed essential before we lost Dr. Sacks last year.  A devoted fan of music, he shows us clearly how our art works with the brain, and musicians may be surprised at the superpowers they didn’t know they possessed.

About $12 (Paperback) or $15 (Kindle) from Amazon — Buy now

Medicine Music (1998)
by Bobby McFerrin

The title seems to say it all, but it’s the music that will switch up your mood and change your mind.  If anyone can, it’s gotta be Bobby.

About $7 (CD) or $6 (MP3) from Amazon — Buy now

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