Music Academy of the West shows off this year’s song talent

The annual Marilyn Horne Song Competition is a fierce and inspiring ritual, and the event’s 2015 winners will perform in Santa Barbara on Monday night, showing their stuff in grand style.  Baritone Benjamin Dickerson and pianist Alden Gatt serve up a recital of Brahms, Poulenc, Rachmaninoff and Vaughn Williams, and repeat the program in New York on March 11.  While the program is in the classic style, however, and features some of the most beloved composers in the repertoire, the actual selections include some unusual, lesser-known works, such as Poulenc’s Chansons gaillardes and Vaughn Williams’ The House of Life. Congrats to both performers for the win, and bravo to artists and presenters for the stretch.

Details and tickets are available on MAW’s website

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