Local biz: Recital and arts panel wrap up masterclass series

One of the things we hear singers worry about most is, “what does it take to get hired in this town?”  It’s an apt question, of course, and difficult to answer, as there are so many different kinds of potential jobs, and no one can be all things to all hirers.  However, an unusual event this Sunday may shed some light on the operatic portion of the community.  Wrapping up several weekends’ worth of masterclasses with conductor Peter Mark, a culmination recital, arts panel and reception combine to create an unusual event that will entertain, inform and feed attendees, in more ways than three.

The concert features seven selected participants from the masterclasses, who will demonstrate what they’ve learned this winter.

The panel of artistic professionals is comprised of regional arts leaders who are influencers, contractors, or both, and have much insight to share about what makes the difference in audition and on the stage.  The reception, hosted by Lillian Lovelace, will give students, panel and audience members a valuable chance for relaxed meet-and-greet.  There is a suggested donation of $25 to help defray expenses. Panel participants include Frank Fetta (San Bernardino Symphony, Loren L. Zachary Competition); Linda Jackson (LA Met); Paul Jarski (LA Opera); Alan Medak (Vineyard Touring Opera; Judith Townsend (Celestial Opera); and Stephanie Vlahos (Independent director of opera and theater).

Final masterclass:  Saturday, March 5, 3pm to 6pm, Santa Monica
Recital and arts panel:  Sunday, March 6, 4pm, Beverly Hills

Learn more on the calendar and on Peter Mark’s website

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