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It’s Passion Week! 

That means that some of the best music you’ll hear all year is at your local church, with special services now and through the weekend.  If you’ve never stayed up late for an Easter Vigil, make this the year and take a nap on Saturday afternoon.  This varied round of seasonal services is deeply moving in its connections to tradition, ritual and theater.  There are a few special events on the calendar, but don’t be afraid to just pick a church and check their website to see what they’re doing.

But after the egg hunts and feasts have ended, go to LA City College’s acoustically stunning new auditorium, Clausen Hall, for something completely different on Wednesday night, as “zōdiacus”  lets SYNCHROMY cherry-pick bits of Stockhausen’s equally stunning Tierkreis, with performers BRIGHTWORK NEWMUSIC and baritone SCOTT GRAFF.  The program also includes works by John Luther Adams, Tom Flaherty, Adam Borecki, Ethan Braun, Vera Ivanova, Mikhail Krutik and Vicki Ray.  Can’t wait.  Learn more and get tickets

So this week, my advice is fairly simple:  Pick something new.  Find your own tradition.  Include some Stockhausen.  Because when was the last time you did all three in such a span of time?  (See you there…)  

As always, thank you for supporting live singing!

Lauri D. Goldenhersh


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