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clover-leaf-1403936-639x601St. Patrick’s quotes tend to be very serious. The day when we celebrate his snake-scaring abilities, however, tends to be more lighthearted, and so we lean on an old proverb prized by his countrymen to lend a little charm to the day.

The point?  (Did we really need one?  Happy St. Patrick’s Day!)
Llist_2016_Quote_9_web“Your feet will bring you where your heart is.”
— Irish proverb


Quote card created with image from
Ivana De Battisti / FreeImages
Sculpture by Auguste Rodin

You Majored in What?

Most of us are too familiar with the question, and the facial expressions that go with it.  Whatever career path (see? we tied the quote in after all!) you or your students are looking at, this could help get ducks in a row.  (Oh, those ducks..)

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