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A tip for culture fiends who haven’t been paying attention: This Sunday is indeed the day of the Super Bowl, and this year’s teams are the Carolina Panthers and the Denver Broncos. (Go Broncos!) For those not so into the gridiron, however, the weekend has plenty of vocal goodies to choose from:

We gave you a heads-up on LAMC’s student-driven ‘Woman at the Window’ and USC’s ‘Frau Schindler’ last week, and there’s still time to catch them, if you act fast. Get details on the calendar.

Saturday morning, you can schmooze with the Listers in Long Beach for a brunchy get-together at Yelp favorite Fox Coffee House. Registration is required.

Or… PACIFIC SYMPHONY boils down a classic for family-friendly opera that goes “ARRRH!” ‘Pirates of Penzance’ has two performances on Saturday morning, and our tipster says that there are still tickets available. Quick, like a bunny — click here.

LOS ANGELES METROPOLITAN OPERA opens a run of The Magic Flute on Saturday afternoon, continuing through 2/13, which is also the day LA OPERA opens a very different version. This kind of cross-scheduling tends to split audiences, but smart opera buffs will grab the opportunity to check them out and compare.

foil-hearts_croppedFebruary is the perfect time for extra-romantic music, of course, and the NIXON LIBRARY’s weekly series has Valentine-themed offerings both this Sunday and next. For details on the 2/7 concert, click here.

The ENLIGHTENMENT CHAMBER MUSIC series has also gone week in the knees, creating a cycle of silky classics from Mozart, Schubert, Poulenc, Beethoven, Braga and more. The event is free, and takes place at Pasadena’s Neighborhood Church on Sunday afternoon. Click here

David Castillo, baritone
David Castillo, baritone

At the same time on Sunday, more Schubert comes from LE SALON DE MUSIQUES, featuring baritone DAVID CASTILLO, at Dorothy Chandler. Click here


Thru 3/6 — Peter Mark’s masterclasses continue in two locations each weekend, with a recital and arts panel wrapping up the run. To sign up as a performer or to just go and see the plethora of local talent, learn more — click here.

Coming up

Starting 2/12 — a short run from the LA PHIL of French delights, including Ravel’s Mother Goose and the wonderful soprano CAMILLA TILLING, with former Phil director ESA-PEKKA SALONEN at the podium.

Good luck with the decision-making, and whatever you do, don’t fall into one of the football weekend’s requisite vats of cheese dip. As always, thank you for supporting live singing!

Lauri D. Goldenhersh

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