Arts tech: Recent news in apps, web and a traveling wonder

Tech is everywhere, of course, and although most of the innovations that jump out at us from day to day tend to be on the entertainment, problem-solving and lifestyle side, it’s clear that Silicon Valley and their ilk haven’t forgotten those of us in the creative realm.  Here are a few new things that caught our eye recently:

YouTube has launched a new feature that can help raise funds with your videos.  The pop-up cards give people the options to donate on the spot, and although the cards are currently available only in the US (great for us, at least), Google is doing the altruistic thing and declining to take a cut of the loot:  100% of donations go to the nonprofit attached.

Note that this is not a new crowdfunding option, but rather a tool for more traditional fundraising:  the donations must go to an IRS-accredited 501(c)3.  But the immediacy is likely to help a lot of orgs, and yours can put the cards to work fairly quickly. Start with this article from TechCrunch.  Then watch this:

This tweet from last week sums up a new tool from Kickstarter:

app_demoThere’s a new app from Apple that takes voice memos to another level, with musicians in mind…


Carpenter_headerAnd finally, there’s the small matter of super-organist Cameron Carpenter‘s new traveling pipe dream: a huge and all-digital custom-built amalgam of the virtuoso’s favorite instruments from around the world.  Apparently traveling light isn’t a priority, but as his unique career has made plain, showmanship certainly is.  Can’t wait to hear it, but we won’t be ordering one of our own any time soon.

May you all have happy dreams of just the tools you need.  

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