Why I’m happy one of our Pinterest pins just got pulled

I got this note from Pinterest today:

Screen Shot 2015-12-19 at 5.24.50 PM


The reason Pinterest is so popular is that it’s so easy to save, share and categories thousands of images and links if you wish — it’s flexible, fun, and addictive.  And it’s growing like mad.

As an artist, the other thing to love is that Pinterest works hard to protect intellectual property, as much as they can.  These notices are a result of that effort, in an increasingly confusing and litigious environment.  Bravo to them.

But it’s also a reminder that we need to be aware of what we post, where content comes from, and how we’re including attributions for that material.  Are you doing your best to be fair to your fellow creators?  HubSpot has created a helpful infographic about copyright and what constitutes infringement when it comes to images, and what can happen if you’re not careful — click here to learn more.

Need a few good sources?  Here’s a great list of image sites, and a good starter list of content sources for general topics.  Of course, the best thing is to keep creating your own stuff!

pinterest_ninja_headerRelated:  If you’re an active pinner and would like to pin for Lauri’s list, let us know:  we’re opening up some of our boards for community involvement, and would love to have you with us.  Read more in our recent post:  Meet Janna…


P.S.  In case you’re wondering, the header image in this post was provided by FreeImages.com/Hollie Jeans.

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