Meet Janna, our own Pinterest ninja

Janna Lusk (aka Lauri's sister)
Janna Lusk (aka Lauri’s sister)

In this time of family fun, I’d like you to meet someone:

This is my sister, Janna Lusk.  She lives in Austin, Texas with her husband and four kids (hi, sweeties!).  She speaks three languages, is an expert in social media, standardized surveys, knitting and a variety of other crafty subjects, and is a terrific cook, among other things.  Along the way, she has also developed a strong following on Pinterest, creating and maintaining a diverse array of boards and topics.  You might call her a “pin diva”, but her term for this special skill is “Pinterest savant”.  But whatever we call her, “Jay” has a special affinity for this social site, and we recently got lucky:  due to surprise circumstances, she had a few days to kill, and offered to revamp our Pinterest boards for us.

… and what a great job she has done!

Now we have beefed-up boards that were already active, new boards, and revamped boards that needed a little TLC.  We use Pinterest to share the things that matter to Lister-types, and to build community and network within the broader big, wide world (aka the global Listerhood).  It’s not quite a taking-over-the-planet endeavor, but we do see it as an opportunity to share with a bigger audience, and we’ll continue to improve the boards as time goes on.

Follow us

Be sure to check out the boards and see what appeals to you:

Boys welcome

Gentlemen, don’t walk away just because you think Pinterest is “for the girls”.  Although there are a lot of women active, there are innumerable ways to use the site, and more and more manly men are finding ways to use the interface to create collections that means something to them.  In truth, the site itself is very gender-neutral, and it’s there for you, ready for your curation.  Whether it’s gourmet food, images you love, collections of music reviews, vintage cars, tech gadgets, or what-have-you, it’s a tool you can use for just about whatever you wish.

Help us follow you

Once you join, please send me a note by email with a link to your Pinterest board page, so we can follow your boards and possibly include you in future pinner features.

Pin with us!

If you’re a Lister (a classical vocal pro in SoCal, whether or not you’re a full member of the site) and see a board on our page that you’d like to contribute to, send me an email with a brief description of what you have in mind, and we’ll consider adding you as a community contributor.  Also, feel free to suggest additional boards.  We consider our Pinterest page a community project, so we’d love to hear from you!

This project has turned out to be an exciting and way-too-fun way to share ideas, reviews, products, images, resources and more, and we’ll be integrating our Pinterest boards into many of our existing resources.  Big thanks to Janna for her help in getting us going again.  (Be sure to follow her, too — her boards are awesome!)

Happy pinning, everyone!

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