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There’s a sort of alchemy that happens when creative programming clicks. There’s also a high that goes with that click, and that high is what keeps musical mad scientists going. Lister soprano Roksana Zeinapur is one such madwoman, as her fearless creations of operatic performance art make us rethink the form and piece together new models. Partnering with cellist/pianist/etc. Maksim Velichkin, tonight’s presentation of vARIAtions inhabits renegade spaces, both literally and figuratively, joining the unique series at Venice’s Electric Lodge. The event is free — take advantage, baby.

High Voltage presents


Roksana Zeinapur
Maksim Velichkin

Friday, November 6, 9pm

Electric Lodge
1416 Electric Ave
Venice, California 90291
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This feature originally appeared in Next 7 — Vocal events thru 11/12/15

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